Bread and derivatives

Bread, focaccia bread (flat bread), grissini and more else always gluten free.

Bread is present in all our meals and accompanies quite all other kind of food; that is why it must be good, actually good like our gluten free "panuccio".
Several shapes of bread and several kinds of blend meet the most demanding consumers. Simple, hot and taken out of the oven, like in the Sicilian tradition, our gluten free bread can be eaten without any dressing.

  • Crostini senza glutine

    Toasted bread

  • Lievito madre senza glutine

    Con lievito madre

  • Grissini senza glutine


  • Pan bauletto senza glutine


  • Pangrattato senza glutine


  • Pane senza glutine

    Small bread

  • Rosette francesini senza glutine

    French rosetta shape

  • Gane grano saraceno senza glutine

    Panuccio (made with buckwheat)

  • Fette biscottate senza glutine

    Melba toast

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