A history of gluten free goodness

  • Since 10 years the company has been producing and practicing wholesale of gluten free products;
  • It produces 18 different gluten free blends. Their goodness is at the basis of the franchising project;
  • 34 of our gluten free products are given for free at the chemist's and in stores affiliated with the National Health Service;
  • Always more producers are using our gluten free blends

The guarantee that in the products there is no gluten, not even from contamination, is offered by:

  • Minitry of Health


    Authorization of the Ministry of Health to producing and selling diet products for coeliacs, released by law n°2008/Authorization ff.584/53 del 22/12/2008

  • Co. guidelines


    Implementation of company control plan according to the rules of the European Community n° 852/2000 on food hygiene

  • Production control


    The personnel follows a handbook with procedures to be applied for the managing of sequences of the provision  and warehouse of raw materials, their manifacturing and the following sale of the products.


No risk at all of contamination

In order to prevent the risk of contamination, the main rules to respect are:

  • Constant monitoring and updating  of the certifications given by the suppliers of the raw materials;
  • Laboratory analysis on each productive lotto for the research of gluten;
  • Total prohibition to bring  food with gluten for any reason, both into the workshop and in the store;

The possibility to pack the products in modified atmosphere allows a longer lasting freshness in order to enable transport and long conservation.

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